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Fergus Franks Portrait



Fergus Franks is a Photographer, Art Director & Marketeer based in London.

With six years of marketing and brand management experience at Fever-Tree, he now offers a unique combination of services to help a diverse range of clients produce content efficiently, with an emphasis on creativity and distinctiveness.



Fergus can help streamline the process of creating photographic content for your business by combining brand consultancy together with photographic execution.

His method ensures there’s a strong, distinctive art direction and communication strategy behind any piece of content created.

Additionally, this process eliminates the need of external agencies to maximise budget efficiency and working-media spend for your business.  


- Photography

- Brand & Communication Strategy

- Creative & Art Direction

- Website Design & Build

- Media Strategy

All Images Copyright of Fergus Franks 2021 © All Rights Reserved


+44 (0) 7817 491482

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